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Eat Your Breakfast

by Demon Waffle

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Atilla 04:17
I can’t go to sleep at night, just have too much on my mind So much going on these days, maybe time to change our ways When it’s all wrong all that’s left to do is right now We keep going on this way we’re bound to bring the end *Verse 1* What the hell ever happened to, real music The stuff that’s coming out right now is gonna kill music I wanna go back to that day, when I could feel music I wish that I could write one song, and that would heal music I’d sit down, and I’d write I’d stay up all through the night Just to say, so you’d hear Get my message loud and clear And then you’d, you’d reject All of that pop/rock and dreck And then you, you might find Some music helps to ease your mind *Chorus* When it’s all wrong all that’s left to do is right now If we keep going on this way we’re bound to bring the end *Verse 2* All the songs on your radio, they almost pushed me from music No matter how mindless or meaningless, they’ll still play it, its dumb music All the nonsense and spoiled brats, you know I hate it, its dumb music So we decided to start a band and bring you all some fun music Now we’re here, here for you To bring you all something new Real guitars, and real chords We even threw in real horns So now its, its your turn To show the lesson you learned Snap out of, of your trance Get out your seat, get up and dance *Chorus*
*Verse 1* You said, forget the things you learned in school Go hang out late and shoot some pool Time after time you play the fool But it’s all good ‘cause you still seem cool You wear your arrogance like a crown of jewels You know the score ‘cause you wrote all the rules Using people like they’re just your tools It’s all good as long as you seem cool *Chorus* ‘Cause you think the sun, rises on your command Like you hold the soul of all the world in the palm of your hand But someday soon you’ll see it’s all untrue Some day you’ll learn that the joke, joke is on you *Verse 2* Just can’t help but brag and beat your chest You’re heads and shoulders above the rest Somewhere inside you you’re a mess You false bravado keeps that repressed Sticks and stones may break your heart, but you’ll never express Your insecurities tucked beneath your bulletproof vest Who you are beneath is really anybody’s guess Who you really are is really anybody’s guess *Chorus*
*Verse 1 Stand beside me friend and won't you lend you ears Time and time again, you know they gotta spread fear With all of their ploys to keep us stuck in first gear making So much noise, even the music's unclear even the music's unclear X3 *chorus* You can say a lot, with just a few words We could do much more if we realized its our turn But if you don't  ever listen, it dont matter what you heard If you're mind stays closed then you're never gonna learn *Verse 2 Why do we always make the same mistakes Why can't you see that we have what it takes You can't eat your breakfast when no food graces your plate We don't have much time left but all that's left to do is wait all that's left to do is wait X3 *Verse 3 Stop standing there and pick your jaws up off the floor How can I make it more clear that we could all do so much more Their eyes betray their lies and they think they've got us beat We won't  surrender or retreat, cause we won't accept defeat no surrender no retreat, no we won't accept defeat X3
Far Behind 04:58
*Verse 1* See my girl she just left me, she don’t love me anymore She said that she can do without me, she said I am a bore I know she’s loved a rich man, she knows that I’ll stay poor I begged my baby not to go, she walked right out the door *Chorus* A careless girl can take your heart and break your very mind Tear your insides all apart and treat you so unkind Be careful how you get your kicks and how you spend your time She’ll grind you down to tiny bits and leave you far behind *Verse 2* Since you left me sugar, I don’t know just what I’ll do I sit and sulk around the house, thinkin’ about you You knew you’d leave me all along, I never had a clue You gave your love to everyone, I always stayed true *Chorus* *Chorus*
Underdog 02:56
*Verse 1* Hey dig! I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake But they can’t let you forget That you’re the underdog and you gotta be twice as good Even if you’re never right, they get uptight When you get to bright ‘Cause you might start thinkin’ too much, yeah yeah I know how it feels when you know you’re real And every other time you get up, you get a raw deal *Chorus* Cause I’m the Underdog X4 *Verse 2* Said I know how it feels, to get demoted Come time, to get promoted ‘Cause you might start moving up too fast If you’ve ever loved somebody of a different set I bet that set didn’t let you forget That it just don’t go, down like that yeah yeah I know how it feels when you know you’re real And every other time you get up, you get a raw deal *Chorus* *Breakdown* Said I know how it feels to be played upon When you’re really all alone Cause they just underestimate me Said I know how it feels when you’re feeling down And you wanna come up, but you realize You’re in the wrong part of town *Chorus*
Too Fast 02:52
*Verse 1* What do you get the man who’s got nothing left to lose How do you solve a problem when you haven’t got a clue In a room that’s full of liars its hard to see who foolin’ who It’s like breaking in the zoo to try to brush a lion’s tooth Or trying to walk on water when you haven’t got the shoes If you can’t climb the tree then how you gonna pick the fruit To make it through this jungle a man’s gotta have some couth I said to make it through this jungle a man’s gotta have some couth *Chorus* Growing up, too fast Every day that goes by feels like 8 have passed Too fast And I don’t know how much longer I can Don’t know how much longer I can, Don’t know how much longer I can *Verse 2* When it’s hard to see it’s hard to find Find your own, peace of mind Just let it be and you’ll be fine Take you light, and let it shine Illuminate those dark spaces Wash all the dirty faces And everyone who sees you they’ll say “boy, you’re goin’ places” *Chorus* *Breakdown* In life you see my friends it all comes down to perspective When it comes to what you do in life you’ve gotta be selective Don’t follow in the path of others make your own directive ‘Cause in the end my friends you gotta leave your own vestige Or make your own footprint deep inside the sand Have your own philosophy and be your own man Don’t let your life go back asking others if you can Have your own ideas and stuggles, yes, be your own man *Chorus*
*Chorus* You know just what you want to do, you heard it in my song You know that you’ll be right, but you fear you could be wrong Don’t be afraid to love me now, ‘cause I just can’t stay long Don’t be afraid to love me now, ‘cause you’ll miss me when I’m gone Verse 1 It’s hard to feel so brave when you’re alone inside the night And when you feel afraid it’s hard to tell who’s wrong or right If you don’t have no wings it’s so hard to start the flight You know that you could fall, so you stay so scared of heights You could never take the leap, you’re just worried that you’re fail You could spend all of your time like a dog chasing it’s tail The world skates the whole rink, you just hold the rail Its the world that holds the hammer and its you they wanna nail *Chorus* Verse 2 I know I might be gone for a while, but I still smile Might not hear your song for a while, but still I smile I can’t see what lies in wait, still I tread another mile The world still sees I coming, wants to add me to its pile Of those who came before me, but I still just smile Not sure of what awaits me, but I know I’ll pass the trial My sheer determination, undeterred just like a child I keep my focus on my goal and smiling all the while *Chorus*
*Verse 1* And so this is the life we lead Consumed by consumption and eaten by greed Controlled by our classes pretending we’re free Handing our power to this fumbling regime Blinded by cash missing forests for green Faking the proper but being obscene Constantly sleeping we’re chasing their dreams Crying out “such is life” with our final most screams *Chorus* So how you gonna tell me how to live my life When you don’t know, you don’t know me Runnin’ round living life so blind ‘Cause you can’t, no you can’t see The world is changing, changing all around you So don’t tell me how to live my life ‘Cause you don’t know, you don’t know me *Verse 2* Cookies cut out all from the same pan Gingerbread houses, foundations of sand No one sticks out when we all stay so bland Fooling ourselves into making a stand In a sea of distractions which way is the land What will we do when it all hits the fan Our ship takes on water, we’ll do what we can As our lives take on water we’ll do what we can *Chorus*
Saints 03:55
*Verse 1* Why do you always try so hard, to stamp out all my soul To keep applying pressure, to put my dreams on hold You tell me I should shut up and just do as I am told You try to break me down and make me rise up in your mold You try to tear down all my walls but I don’t think I’ll let ya You but your heat on me but I don’t think I’ll sweat ya Deep inside yourself you wish that you were me I bet ya I think it would be best of me to just try and forget ya *Chorus* I might not know just where I’m going I can’t recall just where I’ve been But I’m gon’ keep doing things my way Until those Saints come marchin’ in *Verse 2* Just because you didn’t make it doesn’t mean I won’t And just because I couldn’t fake it, doesn’t mean you don’t You’re lying through your teeth but you are lying to yourself Keep your generosity ‘cause I don’t need your help Keep your ingenuity I’ll be just fine without it You may wake up and change one day but I sure kinda doubt it So find something better to do than raining down my back Its not my fault you can’t do well I guess you just can’t hack *Chorus* *Breakdown* Do you make your own luck or does your luck make you? You can work so hard but where will it take you You want a bigger piece of pie but wanna have your cake you Are you gonna catch a break or let the pressure break you? Force you to be a fake you, until you hate you If I let ‘em guide my life then I can share that fate too But that I can’t do, no, I’ve gotta be me Won’t stop that low, won’t plant that seed Won’t dig in your dirt, my hands stay clean Blaze my own damn path, won’t follow no lead Won’t succumb to no greed, won’t beg, won’t plead Eventually I’ll be just where I’m trying to be I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees Won’t let this small town scene kill my big city dreams Yes one day soon I’ma do as I please And I’ma do it ‘til the saints march through New Orleans *Chorus*
*Verse 1* Weatherman said it might rain, but I don't mind Hell I like it better when the sun don't shine Take a look inside myself, never know what I'll find I do know I can't reach the top til I learn how to climb. And if I never learn to love then my heart'll turn to stone If I don't grow roots then I'll never find a home If I can't ask for help then I'll fail on my own Cause Everybody in the world is made of dust, guts and bone *chorus* Even half of what you are is more than I can be Cause I do as I'm told and you do as you please I don't wanna work no more, I just wanna fall off trees And lay underneath em in the cool, spring breeze *chorus* Even half of what you are is more than I can be Cause I do as I'm told and you do as you please I don't wanna work no more, I just wanna fall off trees And lay underneath em in the cool, spring breeze *Verse 2* Weatherman lied cause the sun shining bright Hell I like it better in the middle of the night I ain't gotta be a boxer to know how to fight And sometimes using my head ain't all that bright Cause if I think too much I could hurt my brain And if I drink too much then I don't feel pain I take this empty bottle and I can throw it at a train Just another day chasing fortune and fame
B.N.S. 03:32
*Verse 1* Girl what have you done? Life’s so much sweeter when you’re not on the run And what have you seen? Wake up darlin’, see you’re living the dream Now what have you heard? You can have all you desire if you just say the word So why don’t you try? You’ll see so much better with your head held up high, yeah *Chorus* It’s easy to get down and forget who you are Instead of looking up and catching your star Don’t let ‘em beat ya baby you can’t let them win If you throw out all the bad then the good will let itself in *Verse 2* Girl things aren’t that rough Sometimes the road gets hard but you gotta hang tough Stay true to yourself Don’t never let ‘em tell you put your pride on that shelf Now whaddaya know? I said things are looking up and its starting to show Now listen to me I said you won’t amount to nothin’ till you set yourself free *Chorus*
So Well 04:02
*Verse 1* Things started out just fine, you kept yourself in line I guess you were biding time, before you were stealing mine Things weren’t as peachy then, I can remember when You started to stick your pins, deeper into my skin At first I didn’t know how far you’d make me go Into the rabbit’s hole, believing all that you told You gave me a hand to hold, while the other one tore out my soul *Chorus* How did you lie, why did you lie, how did you lie to me so well I think I’ll die, ‘cause I’d rather die, yeah I’d rather die than stay in hell X3 *Verse 2* I thought you were the one, we were just having fun You blinded me like the sun, while you aimed your smoking gun And shot me right in the head, you made me an invalid I hung on the words you said, I would’ve been better dead Than stuck in you deadly claws You cut me, with your buzzsaw I waited on every call But you never cared at all *Chorus*
S.B.R. 04:20
*Verse 1* Only a fool could have the notion That dividing me could earn your quotient Flagging your illegal motion I set my sails unto the ocean Cause so many fish live in the sea And so many leaves fall from the tree So many ears can hear my plea So no more you and no more, no more, no more we *Chorus* Cause I can find quite anyone to break my heart The world’s a stage and we all play our part But this is not my role to play I’ve had enough, I leave today *Verse 2* What did you want me to do? You pushed me far away from you What did you expect me to say? You just kept pushing me away And now you say you want me back But it’s time we faced the facts We can’t go on as you and me I think it’s time you left me, and leave me, just let me be *Chorus* *Breakdown* I’m gone today but in the scheme of things that really don’t mean much All that really matters; you’ve got one less soul to crush One less excuse for you to use, can’t use me as your crutch And one less heart for you to bruise, and no more distrust ‘Cause I’m free from you clutch, I’m free to be myself You’re free to take your broken dreams and burden someone else Free to take your crazy schemes and damaged mental health On to someone else who doesn’t know you very well You know I’ve, put up with so much and now I gotta go Gotta come down off your cloud so I can see the world below And gently down the stream I’ll take my little boat and row ‘Cause life might be a dream but you will still reap what you sowed, I’m out the door *Chorus*
Too Slow 05:24
*Verse 1* We’re all bound to make mistakes, sometimes We all need to pump the brakes, sometimes There’s not enough real and too much fake There’s not enough give and too much take *Chorus* You can never be too slow, or a little too late Never be afraid to go, on the road to what’s great Keep your head above the water and don’t let ‘em tempt your fate But who could ever never be too slow or a little too late *Verse 2* You know just where to draw the line, sometimes You know that everything’s not fine, sometimes Don’t let ‘em put you in a corner, get you in a bind Don’t ever let ‘em catch ya sleeping, always keep tryin’, hard *Chorus* *Breakdown* Never too slow, never too late Can’t stop now, feels too great Can’t stop eatin’ till I clean my plate Can’t stop tryin’ till I clean my slate I can’t wait, my time’s now If you can’t dig it then I’ll show you how Half y’all rappers can’t match my style I can’t bow, I don’t know how Flow so wild, verse so cold Won’t slow down, I’m in my zone Ya can’t fit my shoes, Can’t slow my roll Never too late, never too slow I won’t fold, my hand’s too sick Hey young world, I feel like Rick Burning both ends, but keep my wick Never slow up, I stay too quick, I’m slick *Breakdown* We’re too tired to sleep to think to breathe life into humanity So close your eyes and hang on tight, to this simple chord’s invite Of three notes spaced evenly Music is embraced similarly To that of the world’s belief That music is the answer to our relief


Demon Waffle as a band would like to thank:

Pat and Christy Parkhill,Kevin and Molly Parkhill, Taylor/ Noah and the Bristol Crew, Bud Keleminic, Laruen Parkhill, Linda Brimer, Kathy Oliver, Aja Black, Shane Bailey, Claire Priester, Debbie Fisher, Jerry Oliver, Uncle Tony Oliver, Pattie Brooks, Misty Bashore, Joe Williams, Gregory Stone, Jamie Dove, Kerry Blythe, Jenny and Tony Perkins, Janice, Josh Stanley, Jeff Price, Alex Turner, Backdoor Records, Travis/Allen and Capones, Big Daddy Voodoo, Jordan Jones, Chip Chipperson, The Galaxy Lounge, Little City Roller Girls, First Friday Johnson City, Hideaway/Tarvo, A New Battle, Daily Howl, Rekless Youth, Treephort, Little Timmy Whitaker, Jonathan Bowling, Shelby Ross Smith, Haley Gilbert, Anita Patron, Charlotte Barnett, Vanny White, DOROTHY, Ska Brewing Co. , Samuel L. Jackson, Sly Stone.


released December 5, 2012

Album Credits:

Demon Waffle-Primary Artist
Josh Rakestraw-Trombone
Tyler Parkhill-Vocalist
Evan Rice-Bass/Guitar(Classical)
Donnie Barnett-Guitar
Matthew Dougherty-Drums
Andrew 'AO' Oliver-Sax (Tenor)
Andrew 'AC' Conner-Trumpet

Jesse Jones-Recording, Mixing, Remixing, Engineer
Alan Douches-Mastering
Dale Atkinson- Artwork, Graphic design, Badass


all rights reserved



Demon Waffle Tennessee

We provide a fun, high-energy live set that is matched by very few bands. Blending reggae, rock, punk, soul, funk and ska to make a sound that is easy to love and hard to duplicate, we bring fun on stage and professionalism off stage…not to mention we market our shows heavily. Book us today! ... more

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